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Super Evolution v2

Made by System Exodus | Sypher#3415, Jxnt#9946 & Peace#9790 & Uploaded by Sypher


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With the new Design of our Super Evolution Script, we can offer a higher stability and more functions + a better Overview of the Functions.

- "Farm Loops", "Drops Farm", "Drops to me", "Enemies to me" and "Conquer Flag Poles" checks first your Planet and then does it

- Currently you're unable to farm Strength and Endurance at the same time

- Changing your WalkSpeed is pretty useless since you update it's value constantly by moving/jumping around..

Additional Credits:

- Kavo UILib from xHeptc

Showcasers, please follow our Information posted on V3rmillion: https://v3rmillion.net/showthread.php?tid=1112750

Auto Farm Coins Orbs Loops Teleports Modifications