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Whoogives's VR

Made by Whoogivesashit (V3RM) & Uploaded by HamstaGang


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Chat: To open the chat Gui press B on your controller, Press B again to close. Make sure the Roblox Gui is showing.
Move: Can move in the direction of your right hand by pressing R1 down.

How to use the options:

How to use:
You do need an R6 character for this to work because this uses the player's character instead of hats
-- No hats needed --


Q: Can I chat with the script?
A: Yes you can by simply pressing B on your controller, make sure the Roblox Gui is showing

Q: Do I need hats for this to work
A: Nope! This simply uses your character instead of hats

Q: Do I need VR for this script?
A: Yes you need VR in order for the script to function correctly

Q: Are the controls the same as skeds VR?
A: Yes they are!

Q: Do I need a net-bypass/reanime?
A: No it happens to come with one

VR No hats Chat Fly R6